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Movimento donne trieste cam ron hey ma soundcloud

Voilà le Slow Down Session Vol.2 Ce mix de R B à l ancienne est composé de certains des plus gros hits des années 2000s. J espère qu il vous plaira et qu il vous fera revivre de bons souvenirs. Stream Linja Diretta ma Manuel Cuschieri by ONE Radio from desktop or your mobile device. Testo Testi canzoni Let Me Know - Camron 28 ottobre - rozzano (MI Scav Scena MOK Pages Directory Leggi il testo completo. Hey Ma di, cam ron tratto dall album Come Home With. Entra e non perderti neanche una parola! And when I'm rhyming, I've always got the right of way. I'm a businessman, I ain't tryin to be lyrical. I can flow any way, yo you rap about money, man, who are you anyway? You know how we get niggas? Get thirty thou now your actions begun. Let me know You sound raw Let me know You want a war? Let me know Yo you fly? Yo I get dough any way. We spark round and nigga that's your heart poundin'. And nigga might I say, i'm Mister Rogers status, change twice a day. Pitiful, unoriginal, this shit is miserable. And start malice, when the fuck we start bouncin? So please let me know, you get fly? Well where the trees? The way cats bitin is dispicable. Wish your flow was ill huh? Let me know You on tour? Believe me you could die today.

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Play right I'll catch you late night nigga like Letterman. Any beef you let me tecniche per fare sesso massagi hard know, I'll be there right away. You want a war? That's how we get niggas Big drinkers, me and 6 figures Bout to be some real, real real real real real real Rich niggas Big niggas, talk slick nigga Got shit to spit nigga Yo you fly? Cars impounded, New York must stop bitin and start writin. Let me know You a fed? Damn it's a miracle, thought y'all was veterans. You bust yo gat? Let me know You wanna cry? We explode and bullets we reload and killers speak in code. Let me know Take his jewels and his rolls Eat his food to let him know You can't come to the hood, we got glocks to squeeze With rocks and G's and that shit looks hot. Let me know You the type of cat, wanna marry your lover And to the end of earth 4, huh, like mario brother Better carry your rubber Now you done this street, Me I gun this V Somethin. Actin and fun nigga after taxes you're done.

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